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[IP] Re: good things and diabetes

This does relate to the list...

Just wanted to reassure those concerned parents of diabetics out there, and allow myself to do some reminiscence. I'll be celebrating 19 years on Friday, but since I'll be in the field and won't be able to tell y'all (yeah, southerner here) about it, I thought I'd share my glee now. No complications (this relates to the tight control discussion earlier, I think). I've kept tight control pretty consistently, but have also delved into the too tight, keep control, or loosen up, keep my sanity issue.

But I wanted to switch the discussion a little, and discuss the good things diabetes has taught me. I'm hoping that by doing this, I'll reassure some parents out there. Most of the time I'm glad I got the disease. Granted, it's taken me a long time to admit this. But it has taught me so much. Not only about my body, but more about me. I've learned to be assertive, and am fairly certain that without it, I would've been much quieter and mousy. I've learned empathy for others. I've learned what it's like to have (pre-D) and then to have not (post-D) and from this I learned to appreciate when I do have. I've learned that some times I need to slow down, and that I can't do it all, and that's ok. I've learned that I'd rather have diabetes than cancer, b/c I can (mostly) control the outcome. Having this disease has taught me higher thinking skills--just think of the complex interactions y'all discuss daily on this page--and I thought it was just me! I think I'm a much better human being from having this disease. I know longer ask why I got chosen instead of one of my 6 siblings. Instead, I'm grateful for the greater insight I now have.

I don't keep this attitude every day, and I'd like a day when I didn't have to test. But the pump is a miracle, and makes it so much easier. That jelly donut I ate for the first time in 18 years after getting on the pump tasted incredible. And without this disease, it would've just been another jelly donut. To the concerned parents out there--you're doing a great job, and you can relax some--you'll have a better kid b/c of this disease, and b/c you're doing it right. There are enough self- absorbed, obnoxious people in the world, and you're kid won't be one of them!

So, thanks to my parents, myself, my doctors and nurses, and the powers that be for 19 complication-free years. Thanks for this discussion board. I think I'll make a contribution to it to celebrate my anniversary.

Thanks for reading,
Maureen Meyers
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