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[IP] Suggestion of different coding on subject line

>Maybe we could have a code in the subject line that made it clear
>whether this was by a diabetic, or by a caretaker.  
>Charisma :)

As an adult who was diagnosed at age 4 and am 23 now, I find that I benefit
from both types of posts.  Although some may not.  This coding could work,
but I would hate to have people lose out on some of the suggestions made by
one group if they took to only reading one type of post.  I myself have been
through childhood with D and might be able to help the parents of children
with D and also often hear suggestions of what works for their children and
be able to apply it to myself.  I also know what my parents went through by
looking at their worried faces every I left the house, everytime I had
nighttime reaction, and every time I stubbed my toe(not all D worries).:)
So I would hate to see wars about this keep going.  But I am also an adult
now and have adult concerns and worries.  Such as Pregnancy, work
discrimination, health insurance, etc.

I think the most important thing is to be specific in the header what your
message is about and try to be brief.

-- Sherry
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