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Re: [IP] watch the off-topic postings...

Um, actually, I appreciateds all of the info.  Someimtes, when you have
a billion other things to do it is difficult to research one more
thing.  It helps to have a starting point and ideas/things to watch for
/watch out for.  
I suppose it is difficult for folks on the plan that requires they
download byt he minute, but if we always use accurate descripotions in
subjct line, can't they choosenot to download it?  (not very computer
smart, so excuse me if I am wrong!)
Charisma :)

Jef Lepine wrote:
> > > Why are we talking about cell phones on this diabetes site?
> I do agree this sort of talk should be done away with. While this may
> pertain to your diabetic child, this has nothing to do with pumping
> insulin at all.
> Lately we've had alot of off-topic messages going around. Let's try to
> stay on the topic at hand :)
> -Jef Lepine
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