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Re: [IP] watch the off-topic postings...

> The list exists to help
> support, and that support may come in many forms, some of which do not
> pertain to others.  As other members have stated before, there is always
> your delete button if something doesn't pertain to you and you have
> absolutely no interest in it.  Just my opinion, no flames please.

No offense to the list here, but lately there has been WAY too much
off-topic chatter. 

As the webpage states:

"Insulin Pumpers provides information and support for adults and children
with diabetes and their families interested in insulin pump therapy. "

This list seems to have degenerated to a bunch of groveling parents
talking about how hard it is to deal with their childrens diabetes. 

I'd like to see a bit more talk about problems with diabetes care and
problems pertaining to it from DIABETICS. No offense, but to the
non-diabetic, you guys have no idea ;)

I'm sure you can somehow relate needing a cellphone to diabetes in some
twisted way, but these are questions better answered elsewhere (ask.com,
yahoo.com, lycos.com).

Sure I sound like the bad guy here, but if you let off-topic posts go on
rampantly, sooner or later we'll all be talking about last nights sports
game, the cars we drive, or anything else WAY off topic.

I'm done comlaining now.
-Jef Lepine

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