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[IP] 1st A1C Since Pump Start..and a question

Hi everyone,
Well I started the pump on December 6th and had my A1C done on Feb. 16th.
The paper work got lost and I finally got it today.  It was 7.6.  My prepump
one was 7.5.  But I was truly amazed by this number.  I had the flu, binged
at Christmas without carb counting well, and have been battling my nighttime
basals. (Keep waking up between 200-350 no matter what I do).  So to me this
was better then I thought.  Now I am going to try and get it down more!

Now for the question...how many people here have problems with high
cholesterol and how did they get it down?  I am 23 and worried that I am
having to fight this now.  I had a test done in Oct. that was non-fasting
that came back 245.  So I cut way back and watched what I ate.  The Heart
Association recommends between 250-300mg a day and I was rarely going over
150 the past 6 months.  However my latest test (fasting this time) came back
as 246.  So basically it went no where.  I started a more serious exercise
program and am sticking to it.  Hopefully this will help for the next one.
It just seems strange that it didn't drop...or does it take more time.

If you have any suggestions or know something that I am forgetting please
let me know.

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