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[IP] Mom

You wrote:
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 08:59:49 -0500
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] mom

     Hi all,

     I know going on the pump is a very personal decision. How can one
     present the information about it without seeming to be pushing this
     treatment option. My mom has had diabetes since she was 2, almost 54
     years now. She has always had a lot of swings, 500 to 34 is not
     uncommon. Fortunately few complications.   Lately things seem to be
     worse. Already 2 trips to the ER this year. After the first, the doc's 
     said 30 more minutes she'd been gone. However, all these episodes
     still haven't convinced her that the pump could help. She is
     technophobic. My parents don't even own a computer. She says she's
     been on shots for 54 years and you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

How great that you are caring about your mom.  I started on the pump at age 
54.  It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. 
 Menopause had my numbers running crazy and 34-540 was in one day 
sometimes.  My good old family doctor (and he was good - just not up on 
everything going on) had me going to the dietition, we changed shots and 
insulin and one day I just said enough and called an excellent specialist 
75 miles away and said Help.  Their head, Dr. David Bell, said "I think you 
should try the pump".  I said, "isn't that for really sick people?"  He 
give me some literature, and I searched the web...you could print out stuff 
if your mom is interested) and went back and forth in my head, afraid of 
change, for a few weeks then said lets do it.  I had a pump on 6 weeks 
later and can't figure out why every insulin dependent diabetic is not 
wearing one!   My last HbAic was 6.  I have been on the pump 4 years.

I will be  happy to talk with your mom.  Email me privately and I will give 
you my home and work numbers.   My quality of life and my families' have 
improved tremendously since the pump.  The regimentation is gone.

However, I respect her decision if she does not want to change.  Sometime 
we old folks are comfortable with our ways and change does not always come 
easy for all of us.  If she wants to talk, I, and I am sure Sam and Sara, 
Michael, Bob Burnett and a lot of others are here for her.

Bonnie Richardson

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