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Re: [IP] 4 day sites

Kap gets 4 days with tummy sites. And we use 100% humalog - never will I mix 
it with something else - been down that road with nph - and very very gun shy.
Humalog works GREAT and we can count on it doing what it supposed to do!  
On Sat he did a HIP SITE - A FIRST
YIPPY - he was very nervous, no pain - all went well
Today is Tuesday - still good - even though he woke up 160 - bedtime he was 
115 - for him to wake up higher than going to bed is unusual - but today is 
state writing test and he was having test anxiety - or a growth spurt.
His #s were 160 at 7:30 - 
360 @ 8:30
280 @ 9:30
320 @ 10:00
230 @ 10:30
He went for a walk after testing 280 - and went up - - so he did a bolus of 1 
unit after testing 230 and started taking the state writing test 15 minutes 
Personally, I insist for Kaps bgs below 200 before and after taking a state 
test - otherwise, his performance is way off.  
Other parents, endo, teachers or person may feel they should do otherwise, 
but I know Kap the best.
These reading are unusual for him.  I dont think it was from the hip site.  
But the hip site will be removed tonight.  3 days
Also, has anyone else every noticed that the MM- micros have a red/orange dot 
in the middle of the set- therefore it makes me think the site is bleeding.  
Why didnt they put in a BLUE dot that would change with contact with blood if 
it came into the infusion set.
Side note: His sites do not usually go bad from too much insulin - they come 
out from tape coming off by the 2nd or 3rd.  Tegaderm fixed that situation.
Thanks for Listening - and someday I will learn to condense my verbiage.
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumper - just as long winded as his mom.
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