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[IP] "Insulin resistance" with a MM 507

As someone who has been pumping for over 20 years, I have been having a
great deal of difficulty keeping my BS within acceptable limits.

As I had a bad cold/virus in November of 99, I thought I had developed a
resistance to insulin.  I then read post in this group about 'bad' humalog
and changed my insulin bottle. This did not help.

Then this morning, for what reason I don't really understand, I decided to
check my basal rates and found that I didn't have any programmed!

I know they were programmed and I don't remember having de-programmed the
basal rates.  The only things that I can think of was that the programming
was 'lost' during a battery change or that in using the light feature to
bolus during a movie I inadvertently erased the bolus programming.

I know now to check the bolus programming if I become 'insulin resistant'

I would be interested to know if others have had similar experiences with
the MiniMed 507.

    _`\<,_   Irv
   (_)/ (_)

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