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RE: [IP] cell phones

Totally depends on the Company.  For Cellular One which is all over the
place on the East Coast and I assume everywhere else, the plans are local to
your state.  So when you move you have to get a new contract with the
Cellular One there and pay out your old contract.  (Not what you would want
at all).

However my Parents Had a Bell Atlantic plan when they lived in New Jersey
and when they moved to North Carolina they were switched to Bell South with
a minimal fee.  The fee was basically for the change in the phone number for
the phone and the paperwork.

AT&T, Sprint, and I think most the Bells have plans that if you look into it
may switch over pretty swiftly.  It may be work calling the different
companies and asking what plans they have that will fit your situation.

I wouldn't recommend getting the phone in OH and using it in CA if you can
avoid it.  If she uses it for more then emergencies while there the call
even if to the girl in the next cot over is long distance.  Cell phones are
still not that cheap for long distance unless it is built into the plan and
you use it alot.  

I have a phone that I pay $10/month on.  I get free nights and weekends
local.  I pay $1.42/min. not local.  And for me that could be only 30 miles
away (NH basically from MA).  I basically have it collecting dust in my car
on the off chance my car breaks down and I need to use it.

Hope that helps,
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