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[IP] cell phones

>She also carries a cell
> phone.
> She is 8yrs old.


speaking of cell phones.  it is getting close to "outdoor ed" here in CA.
(for those of you who don't know about this,  the 5th graders in this state
participate in a 'camp-like' science/nature week off campus from
Monday-Friday in may.)  this will be geneva's first week solo on pump.

our family has not gotten with the program as far as having a cell phone.
now...here is the dilemma.

we are moving to ohio this summer.  from what I understand,  when you buy a
cell phone/service,  you have to contract for a year.  should my husband
when he goes back to ohio this friday,  sign up THERE for service?  or
should we just rent a cell phone here in CA for the week that geneva is in
outdoor ed?  we will also be needing this phone during her summer camp thing
in july.

I personally don't care for cell phones...but if it is important for geneva
in her future to have access to one,  then I will cave.

but...any suggestions from you "shoe phone users"?


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