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[IP] waking with nighttime lows


What makes some people wake up with night time lows and others not?  Last 
night, allie was 461 at supper.  Very strange but she was 94(at about 5:30) 
and then had bb practice.  Probably sipped on a little too much gatorade, but 
did wear the pump the whole time.  Anyway got home and ready to eat 
(8:15pm)..................461, so she bolused 7, 4 for the supper (spagetti 
and 1 piece of toast) and 3 for the high (1 for 80 >150), which I could have 
given more, but figured the exercise would kick in, yada yada yada.  Anyway 
she went to bed and at 10:15 (I was going to check it soon anyway) she calls 
out for me to bring her bs meter, I said why? she said she was low.  Get the 
meter, take it 41.  Go down stairs get juicy juice, and string cheese, come 
up and finally get her to drink some juice.  And while she is eating the 
cheese, I asked "Allie, what made you wake up?"  She said "something about 
when she woke up she felt low".  Made sense, she was sleeping light and kinda 
woke.  Well this morning she was talking about it and said she meant when I 
woke her she felt low..............she never remembered anything prior to 
drinking the juice.  This is not unusal at our house.  Thank God, she has 
woken when low or oddly enough I have just happened to check.    I did check 
her 2 hours later was 104 and this morning was 113.  So that was great.  But 
just wondering if there is anything I can do (short or sleeping wth her) to 
make sure she continues to wake.

Susan (mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 - pumping 12/98 and loving it)
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