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[IP] mom

     Hi all,
     I know going on the pump is a very personal decision. How can one 
     present the information about it without seeming to be pushing this 
     treatment option. My mom has had diabetes since she was 2, almost 54 
     years now. She has always had a lot of swings, 500 to 34 is not 
     uncommon. Fortunately few complications.   Lately things seem to be 
     worse. Already 2 trips to the ER this year. After the first, the doc's 
     said 30 more minutes she'd been gone. However, all these episodes 
     still haven't convinced her that the pump could help. She is 
     technophobic. My parents don't even own a computer. She says she's 
     been on shots for 54 years and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. 
     I started the pump in Dec 1999 and can't believe the difference. My 
     swings hardly ever go beyond 250 to 40 (that's a really bad day and 
     thankfully getting rarer). The pump has helped with control but has 
     also helped my spirit. My husband said the difference before and after 
     pump start was amazing. I wasn't as moody (still have my moments) and 
     diabetes wasn't always on my mind. Even with my success, my mom won't 
     even consider it.
     I guess, I am just venting my concern for her and looking for any 
     advice from those who lived through the era of one shot, huge needles 
     and test tubes and have made the transition to the pump. 
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