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Re: [IP] Re: Good A1c is not always good control!

I agree completely with many lows deceptively contributing to "good" AlCs.  
My daughter used to have many mild lows and in only years, has lost much of 
her ability to recognized a low until she is in the 40s and 50s during the 
day, and even worse, as low as 25 in the middle of the night.  She had a 
seizure as a result over Thanksgiving; which is one of the reasons why she 
went on a pump.  
Does anyone know the answer to this:  Is the long term damage (caused by 
diabetes) the result of the capillary swells from highs, or is it from a too 
high "average" amount of blood glucose - as the A1C test measures?  Maybe the 
goal is to limit the amount of (and the duration of) times the blood glucose 
goes "high" -  so that the capillaries aren't stressed out? 
Does this make sense???
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