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[IP] Bad scene

I went to the hospital for two days because of trouble with breathing.  
Needed to change my site and also needed more insulin in my pump.  My husband 
brought one set for me and I proceeded to change the site.  It was 10pm.  I 
filled a new syringe with insulin and when I started to attach it the little 
white cap would not open.  I sort of panicked but figured someone with a 
stronger grip could do it.  The nurse, doctor. strong young aide all tried 
but it was locked tight.  I inserted the new vial into the pump without 
changing the site.  I realize I could have used the end with the needle, but 
if it didn't work for some reason, I'd be in real trouble.  Left the hospital 
that morning and used a new set with no trouble opening the white cap at all. 
 Has anyone experienced this problem?  Taught me a lesson to have extra 
equipment at all times!
Anyone have any advise on a better way to handle this.  My blood pressure 
went way up.  LOL

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