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[IP] Holly - messing up

In a message dated 03/04/2000 12:13:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  The only glitch in the whole plan is
 that BCBS placed restrictions on his approval and if he messes up once in
 the next two months they can decided to pull the pump.  >>

What does this mean?  First of all who is BCBS?  and second of all what does 
that mean....................."Messes up"?  That is obnoxious!  I don't like 
that at all!
Susan (mom to Allie - 11, dx'd 8/98, pumping 12/98 and loving it!)
PS.  Congratulations and you will love it!  Don't worry about messing up, 
just take care of your baby! (well I know he probably isn't a baby, but!)
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