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[IP] Re(IP Stubborn highs

<<...why stubborn high bgs are hard to get down!
What if it is the body having to work harder due to high bgs. 
Those stubborn highs are putting extra work on the body.>>

When BGs are high, there are several factors at work that add to insulin 
resistance. 1) The high BG creates something called glucose toxicity which 
coats the tissue cells, 2) With high BGs, there is not enough insulin 
available to move glucose into the cells, so the cells are starving for fuel 
to do their work, 3) other electrolyte problems interfere with normal cell 
function, 4) high glucose levels do not permit normal exchange of O2 at the 
cellular level, 5) if ketones are present they add to insulin resistance, 6) 
the liver is trying to create more glucose from free fatty acids to feed the 
starving cells, 7) stress hormones are trying to create glucose from protein 
sources, 8) if dehydration is part of the proces, the glucose levels appear 
to be high, and will lower with re-hydration. 
More than you wanted to know?

Barbara B.   
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