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Daniel wrote...
<<one trick that has worked well for me is to test 
> about an hour or 2 hours after eating. if my sugar is high than 
> I take a little adjustment >>

and Sara said...
<<These two statements are kinda contradictory IMHO.  If you test your blood 
sugar an hour after a meal, you are almost CERTAINLY going to be a little 
higher than your target.  If you were to take a corrective bolus at this 
point, then I'd bet you cash money that you WILL crash later!  Even Humalog 
doesnt reach peak efficiency in an hour.  IF you ARE in your target an hour 
after eating, then most likely you will be crashing in another hour.  In 
fact, for MANY (not all), even 2 hours is not enough.  If i test 2 hours out 
and am a little high, I cannot correct, because if I do, I will crash in 
another 1/2 hour. If I wait to test after eating til 2 1/2 to almost 3 hours 
then I am fine. >>

To help avoid some confusion here...ask your diabetes team for before and 
after meal BG targets, before bedtime and before exercise targets. They could 
be different for each individual, but usually you will find some common safe 
ranges. It all depends on how your body responds and what your individual 
needs for safe control may be.

Barbara B.
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