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Re: [IP] Lows. Lows Lows - Carbos not absorbing??

Linda, i know this isn't anywhere near as bad as the vomitting, and the lows, 
but i posted 2 weeks ago, that i too couldn't keep Matt's sugars up.  I Upped 
the basals  and made the ratio's higher etc.  Any how, it came to me later 
that the entire week he was "dieting" (not really, just less junk) for 
wrestling. Ex: instead of a sandwich for lunch, he'd have a yogurt and fruit, 
or yogurt and p/b crackers, etc.  Fruit for snacks instead of graham 
crackers, etc, anyway, i think it was the lack of carbs and the insulin was 
just eating up the carbs he did eat and fast!  I hope this helps ease your 
mind. This disease is very mysterious! 
P.S. Matt was so excited he had the pump to beable to do this for wrestling!

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