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[IP] YYYYYEEEEEEEEHhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!

Yeah!  I called BC/BS today after some notes from our esteemed
colleagues......I've been APPROVED!!!!!    I jumped up and down and ran
around in the apt for a few minutes as if I were a little kid who just got a
brand new toy!!!   Yippee!!!!!

BC/BS was very helpful when I called.  My documentation had been originally
sent to Premera in Seattle, but Premera faxed it to MSC BC/BS in Spokane.
It was approved today, about 15 minutes before I called!  It was currently
being entered into their computer system.  The woman I spoke with said I
should recieve an authorization number via snail mail in a week at most.  I
then talked to the insurance coordinator at Disetronic and updated him on
what BC/BS had told me.  He said that he was pretty impressed that MSC
approved it so fast, that they usually try to drag their feet and that he
has to sort of 'shake the tree' to get them to do anything, but he said he
felt the copius amount of information the endo, CDE and I sent probably
helped the process along.  As soon as he receives either an approval from
BC/BS (faxed or mailed) he will be able to finalize things and send me One
of Two and Two of Two!   I am so excited I could just burst.   Anyway, I'll
keep everyone up to date, but right now I am just...

Thrilled in Oroville

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