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Re: [IP] Re: Good A1c is not always good control!


You're right I was trying to make the point of did I want to keep having 
these lows to average out the highs just to keep the medical staff from 
accusing me of not being in control.  They told me I had good control and I 
believed them for a lot of years.  

Yes, I too had lost most of my awareness to lows before going on the pump.  
Could have been in the 20 and not know what was wrong.  Now I can usually 
tell at 45.  There is this certain little felling I get and I go test just to 
make sure.  About 95% of the time they are somewhere in the 40's.  I remember 
the first time I had a 6.2 and my endo was saying how great that was, it was 
the best I had ever done etc. and I just looked at her and said, "Do you know 
how many reactions I had to have to do that?"
She said no but she guessed since it was an average probably as many as highs.
I said I guess so.  So, I then ask if that was such a good idea she said 
maybe she set my target range too low perhaps we should take another look at 
it.  She then changed it and most of my A1c's have been in the high 6's or 
right on 7.0.  I'm happier, she is pleased and that's what works for me.

By the way would you happen to be the Keith Johnson that went to school in 
Martins Ferry, Oh.  If you are you might want to remember your old band 

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