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[IP] Re: Good A1c is not always good control!

In a recent IP digest, Nancy wrote:

>...do I still want to live on the edge of a reaction and
>have what they refer to as good control (because A1c is in the normal range)...

Who refers to that as good control?! Not me!

The A1c is just a number. You must consider it in conjunction with other
evidence you have about how things are going.

I had excellent A1c's for several years before they started creeping
upwards. Based on experiences I had had, and some heavy BG testing before I
went on my pump, my (new) doc and I have decided I had good A1c's for the
wrong reasons: I was experiencing lots of highs and lots of lows, and the
averages were the only things that were good. Low BGs are never a good idea.

And having a lot of them can be dangerous for another reason. I lost most of
my hypoglycemic awareness over the years; I could go down into the low 40's
and not realize it. Since I've been under better control, some of those
feelings are starting to come back (Yay!). But I'll probably never be able
to sense lows as well as I used to. So I test more than most folks w/ D.

--Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
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