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[IP] embarrasing low story...

I was taking a bath a few years back (no, I take them everyday!  lol).  A
friend had called earlier that morning to see what I was doing, I told her
nothing, she asked if I could come over and chat in a bit.  I said I would
take a quick bath and then come over.  It had been an hour since she heard
from me, so she came over to make sure everything was okay (she lived right
next door).  She found me lying in the tub in cold water, holding my razor!
She knew I was low, so she took the razor away  - she was afraid I was going
to cut myself or cut her.  Then she got me to sit up enough to test my
blood, but instead of putting a regular test strip in, I kept putting the
'test' test strip in, and smearing it with blood - but since it was the
'test' test strip it wouldn't work.  I was crying because the meter wouldn't
read anything. Se finally figured out what was going on, replaced the strip,
tested, and was LO.  She got me to drink some kool-aid with extra sugar in
it, I started coming around in a few minutes, and was curious to know why I
was crying naked in a tub full of water, with my friend sitting on the side
laughing at my predicament, with a bloody messy meter and 'test' test strip
to clean!  Ah, the memories....   but what a very good friend.  :)

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