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Re: [IP] How long should I wait?

In my opinion I would call both the pump company and your insurance to see
where things are in the process..it won't hurt..and it will help you know
and feel better..
Go for it! :)

At 12:36 PM 03/06/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi all -
>I was just wondering how long I should wait until I hear something about the
>insurance approval process. From what I've seen posted on the list, it's
>taken some folks just a few days, and other folks months!  Remember that I
>had to provide BC/BS with almost 70 pages of documentation 'providing proof'
>that pump therapy would be beneficial to me.  Disetronic faxed the paperwork
>over to BC/BS a little over two weeks ago. Should I be contacting BC/BS and
>'ride their butts' to get it through faster, or should I just wait and see
>what I hear from Disetronic?  I just have a lot of ants in my pants right
>now, the waiting game is old!  VBG!!!   At least the ants in my pants don't

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