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Re: [IP] Re: stories about lows

Keith Johnson wrote:
 Since I had just been at a church function, I suppose, my
> barely-working brain interpreted the rapid ride, with white-clothed
> attendants, as a flight through the sky accompanied by angels.
> But the one thing I couldn't figure out at the time: why in the world did
> these angels curse so much?!

Reminds me of another time, I was visiting  Karen, a pumper friend in
CA, and had brought along Buzz, another pumper friend from Sacramento.

Buzz had a hypo in the middle of the night -- I awoke to a sound like a
cow mooing -- I KNEW there couldn't be a cow in the house!!!! So I went
out and found Buzz. Didn't know what to do, because I couldn't find the
light switch!!!!! 

Karen and her husband Marcel came out and we debated what to do, because
Buzz was answering fuzzily when we called him, but then he stopped
answering, so Karen thought we should give him a Coke. 

I figured that he was too far gone for a Coke, and told Karen to get the

None of us had ever used glucagon before, and we were frantically
reading the directions. Karen loaded the syringe, and couldn't bring
herself to shoot it in!! But I snapped at her, and she finally did it.

Then it was the INTERMINABLE wait for him to come around -- we thought
it should be 5 minutes, but it was more like 11 or 12 -- and while we
were waiting, I had Buzz propped up on his side, Marcel had a
wastebasket in case he should vomit, and Karen was rubbing his hand and
talking to him. 

And I had this flash of a picture of the corpse of Jesus (Buzz is long
and thin, and he was CORPSE-cold!), with Karen as Mary, and Marcel as
Joseph and ME as the angel of death hovering over -- and I mentioned it
to Karen and Marcel, and guess when Buzz started to wake up????

He told me later that he truly thought he was dead and in heaven! 

And *I* think it's a funny image for a nice Jewish girl like ME to

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