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Re: [IP] Re: dementia

Nancy wrote:

<<Well, now I remember when I was about 45 and starting to go through the
change of life I noticed a terrific lose of memory and it was all of a
sudden.  I got really worried and ask my endo if this is related to
diabetes. >>

<<Especially when my mother who is 88 can
remember what she gave me or what I gave here on certain occasions and I
can't even remember what day of last week I did a certain thing.  She amazes
me with her memory.  So if she can remember shouldn't I be able to at
years younger?>>

I too worried about my memory being affected be too many lows, and at this
point in time, I think it's more of a fact that I don't remember things so
well, because I spend too much of my time low.  You obviously can't remember
anything when you're walking around in a fog most of the time!  I have also
found that the older *I* get the more problems I have with lows, we are
constantly cutting my insulin and after a short period of highs, I go right
back to the lows again, which is why my endo is recommending the pump for
me.   I think, however, my brain cells are still ok, since I can remember
some things excellently. Can your 88 year-old mother rattle off everybody's
social security numbers, phone numbers and driver's license numbers?  Oh and
all the computer passwords and pin numbers that I have to keep track of.  I
can.  Most people can't.  But sometimes I have to think about what I did
yesterday.  My husband says that that's because what happened yesterday is
not important to me, and it probably isn't in the grand scheme of things.
And, as far as dementia goes, I figure I'm gonna be sane for a long time
with all the "insulin shock" treatments I've had over the years!  (Back in
the 70's they used to treat some mental illnesses with insulin shock).   I
guess I just don't worry about my sanity or my memory much anymore.  I will
remember what's important to ME and what's not I will forget.  C'est la vie!

Type 1 for 37 years, waiting for insurance approval...

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