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[IP] Re: Lows, lows, lows--carbos not responding

I find that when I'm sick, I'm consistently low as well. Doesn't matter 
if I'm vomiting or not. Keep checking the ketones anyway--without 
food in his system, ketones can and will show up. Vomiting will 
contribute to this also.It is frustrating to be sick, and low, and not 
hungry at all. My first rule of thumb is to keep a supply of phenegran 
(sp?) suppositories in the fridge. You need to stop the vomiting and 
allow the body to heal and absorb food. You should be able to get a 
prescription called in by your doctor, and these can be covered by 
insurance (they don't cost much). 

Second, stick with regular coke or apple juice. Orange juice has acids 
in it that promote more vomiting. Coke has some ingredient  in it that 
settles the stomach. Try to get him to sip the coke, 8 oz per hour, until 
the BS rises. Once his BS is ok, switch to diet ginger ale or other diet 
drink. Once he has not vomited for 4-8 hours, and he feels hungry, try 
crackers, toast, maybe soup. Jello ok too. To get his carbos at 
mealtimes, keep using regular coke, regular jello, and crackers. If he 
can't keep anything down, get to the ER and get them to hook up an 

My mom and I figured this out the hard way, after 2 hospital stays 
with the flu the first two years after I was diagnosed. Her experience 
in a pediatrician's office, and lots of reading of material, helped us 
figure this out. I haven't been hospitalized for flu or other diabetes-
related illnesses since 1983 (thanks, Mom!)

Maureen Meyers
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