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Re: [IP] Re: dementia

Well, now I remember when I was about 45 and starting to go through the 
change of life I noticed a terrific lose of memory and it was all of a 
sudden.  I got really worried and ask my endo if this is related to diabetes. 
 No, she said.  My theory was that I had had too many reactions and killed 
off too many brain cells.  She took that question to a Dr. in Pittsb. and the 
answer was: Just try to watch how many reactions you have!  Yeah Right.  So 
now I make a choice do I still want to live on the edge of a reaction and 
have what they refer to as good control (because A1c is in the normal range) 
and do possible damage to brain cells, or do I want to keep bg up higher and 
take a chance on one or more of the other complications, Some choice eh?  

I'm now 56 years old and have been through the change for over 10 years.  
Memory is  maybe a little worse. especially about recent happenings. It is 
terribly embarrassing at times.  Especially when my mother who is 88 can 
remember what she gave me or what I gave here on certain occasions and I 
can't even remember what day of last week I did a certain thing.  She amazes 
me with her memory.  So if she can remember shouldn't I be able to at 30nsome 
years younger?

So I guess I believe a certain amount comes from being a woman and losing the 
estrogen as well as maybe the amount of reactions I used to have.  I CAN 
REMEMBER years ago when I was first dx and there was no way of knowing what 
your blood sugar was except for peeing on a piece of tape I would let my 
blood sugar go low at least once a day just to know that at one time during 
the day I was low.  I figured that if I could go low (by not eating or 
whatever) then I must not have been too high or I wouldn't have come down.  
That was on only one shot a day too.
That is basically how I controlled it for years.  I could always tell then 
when I was low and I would take care of it right away. I guess my real 
question is at what point do we start burning off brain cells when we go low? 
 I suppose that is different with each individual also.  Oh, well I guess we 
all will get something to alter our lives if we live long enough and if 
dementia is mine I won't worry because I won't remember how to.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping.
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