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[IP] Re: stories about lows

This one is more about others' behavior than mine, but you may enjoy it 

When I was a teenager (a fair number of years ago: was diagnosed at about
13, and have had D for nearly 40 years), I had the usual BG bounces
associated with puberty (at that time, anyway: you old-timers, remember
dropping capsules into test tubes of urine and watching it boil and change
colors? Fun stuff!). One time I was at a church picnic, playing hard, and
collapsed on the nearby 18th green of a golf course. I was out cold, so my
parents called an ambulance. I came out of it during the ride, just enough
to be somewhat aware of my surroundings, but I wasn't back to full
rationality. Since I had just been at a church function, I suppose, my
barely-working brain interpreted the rapid ride, with white-clothed
attendants, as a flight through the sky accompanied by angels.

But the one thing I couldn't figure out at the time: why in the world did
these angels curse so much?!

--Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
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