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[IP] WARNING! "new" cause of HIGHS

> I guess one of the worst feelings is not knowing what made your sugar go
> sky
> high, I can almost always account for mine ......

geneva was 488 last night at 11 pm after being 144 after dinner.  (she went
to bed around 9 pm)   I corrected her to 135 and she awoke this am at 130.
OK, good,  her site is all right.

 perplexed by what could have caused such a high, I am thinking  while
making her lunch....and as I am packing her girl scout cookies,  I see that
they have chocolate and coconut in them.  "samoas"....
now...yesterday, we got the cookies for her to deliver to her neighbors.
she and a friend got into the samoas and each had  2 cookies.  she bolused
for them.   she had been running on the low side yesterday during the
midday...86-110.  (low for her) but...at dinner she was 375!

so..the consensus  here is that those samoas wreak havoc on geneva's BGS.
the coconut oil has to be the major culprit.  I know it is one of the worst
fats to consume!  ....that compounded with the chocolate.

so..."buyer beware" as they say.  watch out for those girl scout cookies
that are being delivered/sold this next week or so.


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