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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #983

Nancy Said:
I guess one of the worst feelings is not knowing what made your sugar go 
high, I can almost always account for mine and it is usually something very 
stupid on my own part.  I've forgotten to take a bolus, I've figured a 
wrong, I've eaten much more that I bolused, I've guessed wrong when eating
out, I've left a site in too long hoping it would straighten itself out
(wrong), I've taken part of a bolus intending to take more later and then
forgotten, I've even on a couple of occasions eaten without testing first.
I've gone high because I didn't check for bubbles and then found it when
sugar goes high.  This doesn't happen often, but it like all the other 
mentioned things could have been avoided.  Of course, we all tend to do 
things at one time or another and then feel like hitting ourselves or
something equally as dumb.  The one nice thing about the pump is that we 
also make corrections as soon as we find out we are high.

Nancy, Thank you very much for your wise sharing....it helped me ease up on 
myself and I needed to do that.  All of those things happen to me and it 
makes us all more human.   Frankly, looking at all of us on this list, who 
share what is going on with themselves  and their children, I think all of 
us are doing extremely well !   All of the sharing of our tales of woe, and 
you never hear about the normal days when all goes as it is supposed to, 
helps us all learn.  And continue to learn.  Thank you again.

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