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Re: [IP] regular summer camp for geneva

> 4) prepare a written set of instructions along with a medical release form
>    so that they are comfortable about giving glucagon (instructions) if
>   necessary and know that it will not harm her if given when not needed

thanks for all of the little details, michael.  printing this out.

as far as glucagon...jees...you know I never think  of it.  mainly because,
knock on wood,  in almost five years of D, she has never passed out.  she
feels low when she is below 100.  the lowest she has been was 55.
we do have icing gel everywhere.  only needed that once when we ran out of
juice/lifesavers and this was in the beginning of pumping when we were not
on a good basal system.

but..I will remind her friend about the 'gel inside of cheek thing'...and of
course she will have a stockpile of juice at camp.  I may call the Bearskin
Meadows (D camp) director who pumps himself and ask him what they do with
setting the basals  for the pumpers at camp.  they reduce the MDI ers doses
and  they prob. have standard protocol for pumpers too.


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