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Re: [IP] Lows. Lows Lows - Carbos not absorbing??

> 214), then by 1am he was (26.2 - 471)!!! I bolused him 2 units and he came
> down by the morning, but at 4 am he vomited everything again a couple
> times, but was not low.
> His sugars have been ok today, endo told us to run him a bit high ( 11 -
> 198) and he is eating a little bit - plain bagels, juice. 
> Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
Glucose gel just in his mouth, swished around will allow him to absorb 
some glucose directly through the mucose membrane of the mouth. Better 
than nothing if he can't keep anything down. Jello made with sugar, clear 
juice - white grape, apple, seven-up -- those are what we use.
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