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Re: [IP] regular summer camp for geneva

> I will send along the 'emergency room' procedures letter that was printed
> out on this list a month or so ago.  other than that...not quite sure what
> else needs to be detailed.  geneva knows what to do for everything.  as long
> as someone can call us,  we are just a moment away.
I would 
1) speak personally with the camp director
2) ditto the nurse on duty for that session
   make sure they understand the "routine" your daughter will be doing
   and that she may need some basic non-emergency assistance from staff 
   members if she is low
3) her cabin counseler should likewise be apprised of the basic assistance
   requirements for lows.
4) prepare a written set of instructions along with a medical release form
   so that they are comfortable about giving glucagon (instructions) if 
  necessary and know that it will not harm her if given when not needed
5) If it's ok with the friends parents, do a training session with 
   daughter and friend so she is the primary backup for your daughter
   in detecting lows and knows how to administer glucose gel -- this works
   for even very bad lows when unconsious.

There is a 99.9999% chance that none of this will be necessary :-)

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