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[IP] Has Anyone Had This Problem? - Carbs Not Absorbing?

> Has anyone had this problem:
> Adam (4 - pumping 5 weeks) had been sick earlier this week with a stomach
> virus, no fever or ketones, throwing up and not eating.  <snip> So we
> woke him up to give him juice and a fig newton (standard low treatment)
> he threw up again - alot! <snip> The
> ambulance came in five minutes, they got him to drink some juice, he went
> up to 3.0 then 5 minutes later back down to (2.7 - 49).  So they gave him
> some gel, and then sugar water, and then a sandwich made up of jam and
> gel.  He was then up to (3.8 - 68.)
> <snip>  Tonite he had 4 oz apple juice, one home made peanut
> butter cookie, a few more ounces of juice, and almost a half whole wheat
> and jam sandwich, plus a spoonful of jam, and 10 minutes later he was 3.5
> (63). Its like he's not absorbing the carbos!  At 11 pm he was (11.9 -
> 214), then by 1am he was (26.2 - 471)!!! I bolused him 2 units and he came
> down by the morning, but at 4 am he vomited everything again a couple
> times, but was not low.
> His sugars have been ok today, endo told us to run him a bit high ( 11 -
> 198) and he is eating a little bit - plain bagels, juice.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
> Linda, mom to Adam, 4 pumping 5 weeks and Jenna, 2, non-d

I didn't want to take up a lot of space repeating your entire post; hope I
left enough for reference.
I don't know if things have changed over the years, but I was always
instructed to give clear juice/foods when someone is vomiting. The way it
sounds, if he had flu, a whole wheat sandwich, peanut butter cookie, fig
newton, bagel, etc. was pretty hard on the li'l guy's tummy and it rebelled.
Regular 7-Up, apple juice, dry toast, crackers, etc. would help his tummy
recover. It's good you are keeping track of his BGs. Check for ketones too.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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