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[IP] Re: Lows. Lows Lows - Carbos not absorbing??

If this stomach virus is similar to the one that was running through NJ 
between Christmas & New Year's, the best weapon is keep the BG a minimum of 
20% higher than normal but keep pumping the fluids to prevent dehydration.  
The virus will pass thru but with the vomitting and mass exitus from the 
other end, dehydration is the bigger problem.  Just find out what will stay 
in and feed that when able - in the past under MDI, when nothing else would 
stay down and the insulin had to be covered, a bartender's shotglass of 
straight COKE syrup ( from fountain style Coca-Cola) every hour would get me 
through the crisis.  Otherwise it's dextrose via IV to bypass the intestine 
until stuff would stay down.  Good luck 
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