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Re: [IP] strange low behavior

My Strangest lows occured while pregnant with my first child (during the
first trimester).  My husband and I took a nap on our sofa and when he woke
up I wasn't there.  He found me standing at the back door with the iron in
one hand and the cord in the other.  I was trying to wind it back up, all
the while I kept repeating that I needed to feed the cat.  We didn't even
have a cat and had never had a cat.  Then the following Saturday my husband
woke up and noticed that I had wet the bed.  I don't know what he was
thinking but he obviously didn't realize that I might be low and he got up
and went to cut the grass.  When I finally woke up to the sound of the lawn
mower  I saw some antique rifles in our bed room and just started balling
because I thought that he had shot our dogs.   And one more.........My
husband had already left for work one day and I awoke to find myself
sitting at the kitchen table crying and thinking that I was in the
bathroom.  Needless to say I peed all over the chair I was sitting in.   
Oh and I almost forgot about this one.   My husband worked in an emergency
room at the time and one night when he had to work 24 hours I was up late
watching tv.  I had fallen asleep and had half way woken up and felt like I
was low.  I guess I thought I'd be super woman and drive myself to the
emergency room where my hsband was.  It was less than a mile away.  I got
into our car and tried to start the car with my wedding ring because I
could find the keys(Thank God!).   I kept dropping the ring in the floor
because my dexterity was shot.  Not to mention it was pouring down rain.  I
was cussing and yelling. And then suddenly I just came to and was like "oh,
go inside and get something to eat"  Those all happened while we lived at
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico('92-'95).  They were pretty scary and
I am so thankfull that nothing bad happened during them and that I haven't
expericed any lows like that since.

Sheila Morris
Pumping  @  Ft. Bragg, NC
type I 1987  pump 1-4-00
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