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[IP] eye test - erinnn

erinn wrote:
>  i don't think it's a flourecine test... it's an angio photography 
> thing. they  inject dye into my blood stream and then take 
> photos to see if any blood is pooling. 

well maybe it isnt the sa,me., but, that is what they do with the flourecine. 
 they shoot you up, strap your head to a Kodak and zapaway as the dye runs 
through your viens.  If you are having any micro-anuerisms (trans: tiny 
leaks) in your eyeball, the photos will show it.  and like i said, NOT 
EVERYONE has the same reaction with the heaves, but you WILL have odd colored 
pee....kinda fun.  Evenif you do get sick, it is gone as soon as you 
vomit...no lingering effects...bring a toothbrush just in case.

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