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Re: [IP] thanks for replys to "is this normal"

I was probably one of the first ones to answer you and I bet you didn't think 
you would get so many answers did you?  Yes, I used to think the same thing, 
that I was the only one having their bs all over the place.  

I guess one of the worst feelings is not knowing what made your sugar go sky 
high, I can almost always account for mine and it is usually something very 
stupid on my own part.  I've forgotten to take a bolus, I've figured a bolus 
wrong, I've eaten much more that I bolused, I've guessed wrong when eating 
out, I've left a site in too long hoping it would straighten itself out 
(wrong), I've taken part of a bolus intending to take more later and then 
forgotten, I've even on a couple of occasions eaten without testing first.
I've gone high because I didn't check for bubbles and then found it when 
sugar goes high.  This doesn't happen often, but it like all the other above 
mentioned things could have been avoided.  Of course, we all tend to do these 
things at one time or another and then feel like hitting ourselves or 
something equally as dumb.  The one nice thing about the pump is that we can 
also make corrections as soon as we find out we are high.

I have always checked often because of lows sneaking up on me.  This, 
however, works both ways it also lets me correct right away if I'm too high.  
I also do what I think it was Dan who said he checks about 2 hours after a 
meal and makes a correction if necessary.  

I think we are all on the right track it just so happens that everybody's 
track is the challenge of overcoming and hazards that may appear on our 
track.  Just keep doing what you are doing and I believe things will be fine.

Good Luck,  Nancy
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