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re: [IP]eye doctor update

foley1ec wrote:
> well...i went to the eye doctor again today... he discovered a
> in the very center of my left eye.

Hi Errin,
I am new to the list and have never posted before, so forgive me if
don't do this correctly.  It sounds as if you had the same kind of
as I did.  I had an appointment with my Opthamologist on Wednesday
she found an area of similar concern in my left eye.  I am scheduled
angio (flouresine) on Thursday.  I am very concerned as I have not had
up until now.  I did hear that pre- pump eye damage may worsen
before it
gets better after going on a pump.  I started pumping Mar 1999 and
glad I did, although I have had a difficult time setting basals,
etc.  I
hope all goes well for you and will hope the same for myself.  It is
nice to know that I am not alone in this.

Suzie  (Type 1-27 years, pumping since 3/99)

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