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RE:[IP] "Even" the pump doesn't make it disappear.....


I agree.  One of the first things I did when she was diagnosed was to call a
friend from grad school with D and another friend that has had D since 9 and
is now 72.  I asked, "How do I raise a kid with diabetes?"  They both
independently said, "Get her in charge of as much as she can handle as soon
as she can handle it".

I think I am doing that adequately.  She is 8 (2yrs D) She can count all
carbs as easily as I, she treats her own lows, chooses and boluses for
snacks and highs at school on her own.   We discuss her carbos and boluses
at family meals, where she has the final say in what to eat and what to
bolus (to a point).

My post was not so much pissing and moaning about just me but her too.  When
do we just relax and accept the way things are?  It seems a broad grey line.

what is that prayer?

God grant me the
	courage to change the things that I should change
	the serenity to accept the things I shouldn't change
	and the wisdom to know the difference.

Anyway the recent posts about how good is good were contemplative.

Curtis Lomax

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