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[IP] Lows. Lows Lows - Carbos not absorbing??

Has anyone had this problem:

Adam (4 - pumping 5 weeks) had been sick earlier this week with a stomach
virus, no fever or ketones, throwing up and not eating.  He threw up Monday
afternoon 3 times, then seemed fine Tuesday, eating a little bit. Then he
threw up Tuesday night a little bit after he was low (2.1 - 38) and drank
orange juice. We stopped the pump, put him to bed and he fell right asleep,
then we tested him again and he was lower than 15 minutes before. So we
woke him up to give him juice and a fig newton (standard low treatment) and
he threw up again - alot! He was then even lower (1.9 - 34) so we called
911. We were going to give glucagon, but he wasn't out of it or The
ambulance came in five minutes, they got him to drink some juice, he went
up to 3.0 then 5 minutes later back down to (2.7 - 49).  So they gave him
some gel, and then sugar water, and then a sandwich made up of jam and more
gel.  He was then up to (3.8 - 68.) 
We took him into emergency, waited hours, his sugar was up to (13.5  - 243)
by then, they said a stomach flu, and then came home.  

Since then, he has hardly been eating, so most of the time I don't even
bolus him for whatever he eats or drinks, and that has worked fine.  His
basal is .2 , and from 9 pm to 1 am is .1. Twice more since that episode,
he has been low, mainly because I overbolused him (he is usually 1 unit to
20 carbs, I was bolusing 1 to 30) and that was obviously too much. But it
is taking him huge amounts of food and over a hour for his sugar to come up
to at least 5.0 (90). Tonite he had 4 oz apple juice, one home made peanut
butter cookie, a few more ounces of juice, and almost a half whole wheat
and jam sandwich, plus a spoonful of jam, and 10 minutes later he was 3.5
(63). Its like he's not absorbing the carbos!  At 11 pm he was (11.9 -
214), then by 1am he was (26.2 - 471)!!! I bolused him 2 units and he came
down by the morning, but at 4 am he vomited everything again a couple
times, but was not low.

His sugars have been ok today, endo told us to run him a bit high ( 11 -
198) and he is eating a little bit - plain bagels, juice. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

Linda, mom to Adam, 4 pumping 5 weeks and Jenna, 2, non-d

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