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RE: Subject: [IP] Steak for Dinner

I haven't had a problem with steak since my CDE told me what to bolus for
it.  Basically she said 3oz and under do nothing.  But for every oz over 3
consider it as 5g of carb.  Since most steak houses serve 10oz 12oz 15oz and
larger steaks this can be a considerable difference in dosage.

A 10oz steak is 7oz over 3oz so it would be 35g of Carb or 3.5 u for me
since I have a 1:10 ratio.  The 12 oz steak would be 4.5u and the 15oz steak
would be 6.0u. Usually for the steaks/prime rib/etc. beef I eat that are
bigger than 10oz, I will square a chunk of it since it is such a large
amount of protein.

It sounds like maybe this is the problem you guys were having with running
high later.  In my case if I don't bolus the 3.5 for the 10oz I end up
spiking 115pts or more points later.  

Just a thought,
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