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Re: [IP] letting go

I soooo identify....any time my 12 year old son is AT ALL late coming home, I 
not only imagine the "regular" worst (kidnap, accident, etc.), I have to add 
"lying in a ditch gone low"!  Last week my son was over an hour later than I 
expected him (stayed after school and took the late bus), and my ex, myself, 
and my signif. other were minutes away from calling the police.  The week 
before, my son missed the bus and since he wanted to be responsible and be 
home in time for a tutoring session, he walked (ran?) the 4 miles home, 3 of 
which are along a 4 lane road with no houses, gas stations, nothing.  He 
later told me about it, and that he felt low at the upper end of the walk, so 
went to a gas station and got a soda.  What if....he went low in the lonely 
part of the walk him?  What if......he didnt have change in his pocket for 
the soda?  I have already decided he's not allowed to live without me, EVER 
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