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[IP] regular summer camp for geneva

>I'm debating about letting
> her go to a regular gymnastics camp this summer that's a long way from
> I know she could handle it, but I worry about if a problem came up, like
> got sick or ketones or something

geneva has been attending bearskin meadows for three years. (D camp)  this
year she really wants to attend a girl scout camp in the sierras,  which is
three hours away from us.  her best friend is going.  she also has "outdoor
education" in may for five days. this will be her first away trip with pump.
we plan to do what michael suggests.  get cell phone/service so that she can
call us whenever she needs any advice.

I will send along the 'emergency room' procedures letter that was printed
out on this list a month or so ago.  other than that...not quite sure what
else needs to be detailed.  geneva knows what to do for everything.  as long
as someone can call us,  we are just a moment away.

mom to geneva, age 11 in two weeks

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