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Re: [IP] new HbA1c result

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Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2000 10:21
Subject: Re: [IP] new HbA1c result

Dear Jose,

Please tell me more about clearing out the tubing bubbles every a.m.
I never noticed this and am curious about just what it is that you do.

Also, what do you mean about engineering a forecast for your bolus
each day?

Congratulation on the 5.4!



Thanks Stacey, I was pleased by this result, too.

Anyway, about cleaning out the air bubbles every morning, is VERY
important, really, because depending the weather, the heat or
coldness, air bubbles appear with more or less frequency, but they
are always there, bigger or smaller. So you can take the reservoir
off the pump and tap it with a pen or something, and press until
clear everthing out. This procedure over and over and over wastes
insulin, yes, but avoids a lot of problems. And I used to prime 6
units while taking a shower, and after I have connected again,
priming 1/2 unit.

About the engineered forecast, it's a secure way to calculate EACH
bolus during EACH meal. I know that it's a hassle to calculate each
bolus because you SUPPOSE your carbohydrate ratio, and it's
worse when you have a snack because your carbohydrate ratio is,
most of the times, not so accurate, it was supposed by the doctor
like... Hmmmmm try this, or that. It's not continuous and according
with your breakfast carbohydrate ratio, neither your lunch carbohydrate
ratio or dinner carbohydrate ratio, and your snack carbohydrate ratio
is "supposed". I did it through a different way and engineered a software
to do that for me, and does NOT matter the time I am eating a snack,
the carbohydrate ratio is always accurated and precise, and the blood
sugar level after 1 1/2 hour is around the target most of the times. Sure
that nobody needs a software to calculate the bolus, it's easy to do with
(or without) a calculator, but the used data in the calculus OUGHT TO
be accurate to achieve a good result. And don't have the hassle to
calculate each time the bolus is good too, just type the taken carbohydrate
quantity and the current blood glucose level, and you have the amount of
insulin... It's very simple, precise and useful, you can use at MacDonalds
or at the company's breakroom, doesn't matter.

If you have more questions I'd like to hear from you - I'd to propose to
Insulin-Pump-producer companies, such as Minimed, to add this software
to its pump, or its new glucowatch. I am open to proposals and willing to
give everything we can, in reciprocation for the life we got back.

email @ redacted

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