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RE:[IP] "Even" the pump doesn't make it disappear.....

As I'm getting ready temporarily move to Spokane Washington for 3 months
this fall, cutting back work at my job, getting ready for a canoeing trip
to Utah, and doing my 8 million and 1 things that need to be done by the
end of the quarter: my stress level has been on the high side.  And I have
a cold to show for it.  Despite all of this, and completely random meals at
random times or very varing sizes, my blood sugars have been relatively
well behaved.  By no means perfect, but there would be no way on earth that
I could have pulled them off on MDI.  And that is what I try to remember.
Since January my endo and I have been going back and forth about control.
Ultimately I make the choice.  I keep saying, I'm fairly content right now,
I know I COULD have better control IF I recorded everything.  And I COULD
have better control if my diet wasn't so completely random.  But is the
better control worth the price?  Recently my answer has been, "nope".  My
A1c isn't great, but it isn't horrific (7.4).

The pump does make it so much better and easier to adapt to different
situtations (camps, college, exc), but I think it is a basic concept for
most parents to worry about their kids.  And diabetes makes it worse.  I
haven't lived at home for 4 years now, but my parents are definately doing
the worrying thing right now (I think it mostly has to do with the moving
2000 miles away thing, but the graduating from college isn't really
"helping" matters either).  And neither of them has really had any input on
the day to day management of my diabetes, so I can't imagine how much
harder it would be for you parents that are involved!  Us kids usually do
pretty well if we have had good parents!

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