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RE:[IP] "Even" the pump doesn't make it disappear.....

> The hard point to find is ...Where do you just relax and stop trying
> to solve the latest mystery of blood sugar?
>   On one hand we say just relax and realize that we can't really
>   control bgs
> as we would like , so mellow out.  And on the other hand we say work
> at it and it will come in line.  Weigh everything, test a zillion
> times a day and fast on occasions.
Look at it differently. Since this is for your child, put yourself in 
the position of teacher/mentor. Give your child the tools (over time) 
to do these things without your help so that the pay-off is personal 
independence and confidence. When you've done that, you can relax. It 
is not a matter of how much to test or when or what you count or 
adjust, but rather have you imparted the life skills to enable your 
child to do these things and thus live life to the fullest. It's 
tough for a parent of a child with diabetes to do that and let go as 
well. You've got lots of time still, mine goes off to college in a 
year and a half. <worry, worry, worry>


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