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Subject: [IP] Proud Mom

Hi Nita
It is a proud day when you realize that all your teaching has paid off, and
your kid "gets it."  It seems so often the nay-sayers of the endos think
that because kids can't do everything with the pump on day 1, or 10, that
they can't use a pump.  But, they do absorb so quickly what's going on and
get very competent at taking care of themselves.  I've found that Jenna, at
age 10, really doesn't need me for very much more than record keeping any
more.  It's fun to see her getting independent.  I'm debating about letting
her go to a regular gymnastics camp this summer that's a long way from home.
I know she could handle it, but I worry about if a problem came up, like she
got sick or ketones or something.    There doesn't happen to be anyone on
the list from central Pennsylvania, Woodward, to be specific, is there?

Nancy Morgan

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