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[IP] skin rash, but it doesn't itch

i have been getting a progressively worse skin rash under my skin of my sites. 
when i take off the tape (i use IV 3000), it looks fine, but within an hour, 
there is a square area of raised redness. it doesn't itch, or hurt, but looks 
horrible and with every site, it gets worse.  if this is an allergy, why was i 
fine the first 2 months on the pump?
i have boxes of the IV 3000...and no desire to have to buy more stuff... will 
places send me samples? and...how will i really know if i'm allergic if it 
took me two months to see that i am maybe (?) allergic to the IV 3000. any 
suggestions?  the welts on my stomach are horrible...

Erinn (pumping 2 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days)

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