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[IP] Boob site concern

I forget who first brought up the issue of running into lactiferous ducts,
but I thought about that before I used my first boob site, and asked my
doctor (who didn't show any concern as long as the site didn't cause pain
and absorbed alright).  ***If*** I remember right from disscecting (yes, a
cadaver), the lactiferous ducts are more or less deep in the breast, not
the outside by the edges by the skin.  I insert the sets (S/T/C) very
shallowly for these sites (not quite as shallow as ribcage sites, but
definately shallower than arm sites, which are shallower than everything
but ribcage sites).  I am more worried about hitting the ligaments that
suspend/support the breast, because they are essentially attached directly
to the skin.  My guess is that if I hit one of them, it is going to be
painful.  Even though I've decided ***personally for me*** that this is not
a risk, I thank you very much for bringing up the possible problems with
using a breast site.

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